WW Speakers

In the world of consumer electronics, its easy to think that only the speakers that come from near where you live are the best. The fact of the matter is that speakers are much like fine wine in that each region of the world makes incredible speakers with their own global presence. Wood finishes, incredible enclosures, trick crossover networks, exotic speaker driver compliments only start to describe what you can find from loudspeakers of the world.

There is no regional way of looking at the different types or designs of speakers. Speaker designs like dynamic speakers, ported speakers, folded motion tweeters, electrostatic speakers, hybrid electrostatic speakers, planar speakers, omni-directional speakers and many other types of speakers make up the genres of speakers but there are all sort of form factors of speakers. They range from Floorstanding speakers to bookshelf speakers to on-wall speakers to in-wall speakers to subwoofers to desktop speakers and many more.

Some of The Best Speakers From Around The Globe Include:

Wilson Audio - Alexandria speakers cost over a quarter of a million dollars and are something to behold if you have private jet money to invest in transducers.

Focal UtopiaFocal - Grand Utopia BE speakers might be the finest speakers money can by. Their industrial design is over-the-top incredible with sound that goes even farther.

Meridian - The Meridian DPS 800 powered speakers also have DACs and amps in them and are stunning to head and listen to.

KEF - KEF's Muon speakers are as much sculpture as they are audio transducer. They are a jaw-dropping case study in electronics and industrial design.

Bowers & Wilkins - Look to B&W's Nautilus speakers for a speaker that is equally comfortable in the Museum of Modern Art as they are in a millionaire's living room.

Hansen GrandmasterHansen Audio - Hansen Audio's Grandmasters might cost you what a 1978 Lear 35 private jet will and they can't even output the 150 dB output but rich people still buck up for Grandmasters.

Magico - Looking for speakers that make your Mercedes S65 AMG look like its under-engineered? Look no farther than the Magico's metal-braced speakers. Now in lollypop colored paint colors, you too can match your Audi A8 to your speakers assuming you have the money.

MartinLogan - Much like Fender Guitars, Kansas' MartinLogan makes their top speakers, the CLX in custom colors, leather wrapped or anyway you like them. Hybrid electrostatic speakers never sounded (or looked) better.

RBH - RBH speakers mightnot cost as much as the other speaker brand from Utah but they come in custom wood finishes and Revel Speakersthey sound pretty fantastic.

Verity Audio - These uber-expensive speakers have control and detail that people would kill for. Audiophile dream of this level of sound if only they can afford the six-figure price to enter the discussion.

King Audio - Forget Magenpan, these flat speakers are like Bennyhana designed your interior. Don't play them loud. Don't play metal on them. Stick with Jazz and classical and you will be OK.

Magenpan - OK, who brought up flat speakers? Minnesota-based Magenpan owns this category even of they have 40 worldwide dealers and can't meet orders inside of six months. Fans still love them.

Revel - Harman's top of the line speakers represent the best California speaker design has to offer. Control, accuracy, power (when given enough amps). Revel's don't suck at any level.